Personalize your dashboard

Simple, yet powerful. Stay informed on vital info without a click. Helpful to new users, managers, contractors. System-wide search on every screen + everything is touch-friendly!

Pick and choose components for your dashboard view

Design your own dashboard from 13 interactive information cards to have the most relevant information you need directly at your fingertips.

Full-System Search

The Full System Search is always in the top right, providing easy navigation. This is a great tool for new or unfamiliar users, such as contractors.

Toggle Dashboard Controls

Whether you want more information or less on your dashboard, create the dashboard layout that best suits your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t need all of this info. Can I turn some of it off?

Of course! In the Dashboard settings, you can pick and choose which “Cards” are displayed to you when you’re logged in.

I need more/different Dashboard items! I want to take payments through the Dashboard.

We’re happy to build custom integrations to help fit your needs. Contact us for custom options.