We Count When It Counts

Track what matters to your organization.

We support the measurements you need

  • miles on odometer
  • hours on a machine
  • days of manufacturing
  • electrical thresholds (Volts/Amps, etc)
  • uses of a paintbooth
  • gallons in a holding tank
  • and much, much more!

Fast, Friendly…Fantastic!

Entering readings is simpler than ever – capture a reading right from the dashboard!
We also offer the ability to enter multiple readings together, via an Excel template!

Automate it!

Need to capture meter data, know when equipment needs service, or Location of equipment – without manual updates? Let us help.

Ask about implementing a Work Order Pro WatchBox – or multiple!
We can integrate with your existing equipment, or implement new equipment, to streamline your processes, and keep your people on the front lines – not taking & inputting readings!