Painless Purchase Orders &  Rapid Receiving

Quickly Create, Review -> Authorize -> Print/Email Purchase Orders, and related Goods Received Notes (GRNs).

Purchasing Parts, Made Easy

Use the powerful filter and search system to easily find POs and Goods Received Notes

Automatic Materials Purchasing

The Automated Purchase Proposal will create a list of the materials you need and add them to a PO..

Clear, Concise Ordering

Parts On Order is clean and focused, removing any confusion from the purchasing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I email Purchase Orders?

Yes! POs can be emailed, printed, or kept solely as internal records.

Can I export reports to Excel?

Yes, every module’s grid with vital information can be Exported to Excel, before or after Filtering&Sorting.

I have some people that can Authorize Purchase Orders, some that cannot. Is that okay?

Work Order Pro has Employee Permissions in Administration, where you can allow, or disallow this – you can also set spending limits per PO!