Integrate with Work Order Pro

Work Order Pro plays nicely with your existing systems.

Need info, like employee data, or equipment status, pulled into Work Order Pro from another system? Want to send data, like work costs, from Work Order Pro into another system? Looking to collect man hours in Work Order Pro for billing or invoicing purposes?

We’re here to serve – and analyze – your needs!

We’ll help you map out a solution that’ll keep working in the long-term. Stability, efficiency, and business continuity first! We love hearing what you’re thinking, and discussing what’s possible.

Don’t settle for expensive bills, long turnaround times, and contractors from who-knows-where.

Instead of cobbling things, and charging repeatedly to maintain it, we build integrations and customizations to last.

We speak Microsoft Dynamics/Teams/SQL, SAP, Salesforce, QuickBooks, and much, much more!

If it’s business software, we can integrate with it. Full-stack developers live here!

A few examples of customization requests we’ve received:

– Pull battery volts/amps readings into Work Order Pro meters, for maintenance
– Collate charges grouped by Location for Invoices to Government agencies for a nonprofit
– Refresh Asset list every few minutes from Microsoft Dynamics GP (ERP software)
– Combine work costs and push to QuickBooks every month for a large property manager
– Create Dashboard card (square) for taking credit card payments for contracted maintenance work
– Synchronize Target Start Dates for Preventive Maintenance schedules to Microsoft Teams calendar
– Create a Work Request form for internal company website (public also possible!)

Your Productivity is Our Priority!

We’re fast, priced fairly, and understand the urgency of your business.
We waste no time. Let us help sketch out your needs.
We’ll tell you in plain English how things will work, and how long we’ll need from start to finish.

Contact Us TODAY for a quote! We look forward to speaking with you!