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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a subscription? Why can’t I just buy this once?

A: Many one-time purchase maintenance management solutions have come onto the market, and have become dead, or under-supported software. Satisfying our clients year over year is what keeps us in business, and spreading to new organizations. Because of that, we have a long-term interest in keeping Work Order Pro just as sleek and usable twenty years from now as it was five years ago.

For your convenience, we have begun offering the ability to buy up to 5 years of service at a time – more if you reach out to us.

Why would I want your software over web-based software-as-a-service?

Put simply: cost, ownership of your data. As a Maintenance Manager, we make backing up your system literally as simple as copying a file.

There’s no unexpected downtime, no concurrent user limits, or expensive monthly bills to worry about with Work Order Pro. It does not require an Internet connection, and does not depend on any other software being maintained or updated (such as web browsers). It simply works, every time you need it to.

Having said that, we can offer the best of both worlds – the robustness of Work Order Pro in the web browser, on any device.