How can Work Order Pro help me?

Learn how you can decrease operating costs and improve team productivity


Work Order Pro works with most industries & levels of your business

Maintenance Manager/Senior Tech at a Manufacturing facility

A large commercial bakery has inconsistent labor usage week-to-week, causing increased costs in overtime – especially when there’s Breakdowns.

Work Order Pro’s efficiency in Assigning Work Orders + Preventive Maintenance Scheduling allows the bakery to take control, “smooth the curves”, reduce unnecessary overtime, and provide a more consistent/less stressful/safer environment for their technicians.

Fleet Manager (Vehicles/Mobile Equipment)

A tow-truck fleet owner/manager wants to make better part and material decisions, improve (P)reventive (M)aintenance timing and methods on Task Lists, and know which trucks are costing his team more labor & money.

Work Order Pro provides a complete maintenance history for each truck (Asset), including part+labor costs, and time between failures, in order to predict when next maintenance will be required, so parts and people can be allocated on time without added expense. WOP also helps in deciding when to sell off old equipment with high maintenance costs.

Facility Manager at a large apartment complex

A maintenance manager at a large facility wants his phone to stop ringing 37 times per day. He also desires a way to schedule various PM Tasks + safety inspections for hundreds of units he and his team are responsible for. He’d also like easy tablet-screen access to fill out Work Orders, and access manufacturer manuals + diagrams, instead of carrying binders back and forth from the office.

Linking a dedicated email address (like to Work Order Pro allows tenants, as well as other employees, to submit requests that appear right in the Work Order Request list, to be turned into Work Orders, or Cancelled, if a request is a duplicate/invalid. Adding Attachments to his Assets in Work Order Pro allows easy access to the manufacturer info he needs for the wide variety of equipment owned by the apartment complex.


For Executives

  • Lowered costs
  • Increases in tech efficiency
  • Intra-team communications
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced rush delivery charges for vital Parts/Consumables
  • Dead-Simple Dashboard for keeping in touch with vital KPIs

For Technician and Managers

  • Less time clicking
  • Stop filling out info your organization doesn’t require
  • No more “waiting for the server”
  • Improve communication between your team(s). 


For IT Staff & Administrators

  • Painless and flexible single installation or bulk install options
  • Fast turnaround on integrations or customizations requests
  • Easiest bulk-distribution of customizations on the market
  • No per-install license keys to type/paste
  • Less on-the-spot training, due to ease of adoption of our modern UI
  • Speedy & stable database, dead-simple Report-building UI
  • Database object administration & bulk record adjust features
  • Dark-mode themes