About Work Order Pro CMMS

Full-service facilities management & work management software

 As luck would have it, Dad owned a family service station in Amherst, close to Buffalo, in Upstate New York.  Being around equipment maintenance was my childhood; shop floors were my playground growing up. Auto Racing has been in my family’s lifeblood for decades.

By my early teen years, I was working on every mechanical part at our gas station: pumps, customer cars, and the tow truck fleet.

This might not seem like the best childhood to someone outside of industry. But, the time spent with my father – learning automotive and facility maintenance, building and piloting racecars, interacting with the community through our customers, learning the urgency of business  these are experiences I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Technology was always big for me. No matter what kind of machine or tool, I needed to know exactly how things worked.

Being in the towing and gasoline business brought lessons of good customer service: work hard, but more importantly, work smart. Time is money, and using the right tools, there are ways to make businesses run smoother. From a young age, I was determined to find them all.

After finishing school, and making some great contributions to a few larger companies and teams, I realized I was holding onto an undying urge to more directly improve the digital lives of working professionals in small to midsize companies. Around the same time, I fell severely ill, and was told that, if I survived, life might not ever be normal again.

While bedridden, I decided that, no matter what the future held, I was going to do my best to “make the difference” I’d been wanting to make.

Everywhere I’d been, I was personally known for doing good work because of preparation and use of great tools. What if I could get better tools into the hands of tens of thousands? What if I could make something that increased flow for maintenance and operations teams?

What if I could stop someone else’s phone from ringing 7 times about the same problem?

What if my firm could enable smaller teams to adopt preventive maintenance schedules….and other “big boy” or “enterprise-only” features?

What if I design a highly-organized and easy to navigate user interface, with no-nonsense database administration self-service tools? A platform built with easy turnaround of customization and integrations in mind? A platform that respects the urgency of business

This is how I decided to create Work Order Pro  the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Not only did my tech-world friends think it was possible, they were quickly the second, third, forth ones working on Work Order Pro.

After a few months, we had a working CMMS ready for my family’s towing fleet, maintenance shops, manufacturing facilities, machine shops, and any other business with equipment that needs recurring breakdown and recurring planned work scheduling.

Work Order Pro comes directly from my experience working on garage and shop floors. I know what it takes to keep a business running smoothly. The industries of manufacturing and maintenance are critical to our economy, and I continously strive to deepen my understanding of the people and processes that keep these industries successful.

Work Order Pro was created for technicians and maintenance managers of big facilities, but also for people like my family who operate essential businesses across the country.

Danny Knoll

Danny Knoll

Co-Founder, Senior Consultant

Danny has been involved in many areas of maintenance management, facility management, and business software, for over 15 years.
Danny decided to build Work Order Pro after realizing most software that keeps society running has senseless user interface.