Inventory Efficiency

Add, or find and update a part, fast. Purchase Proposal automatically created – one-click add to Purchase Orders. Parts on Order reduces mistakes in ordering, and eliminates “Is this on the way?” Receive multiple parts into Inventory simultaneously – even from different POs. Find parts quickly, with Part Locations.

Managing parts is easier than ever

Find whatever part you’re looking for with filtering, searching, or both.

Automatic Material Management

If you need a part or material, the Purchase Proposal will automatically list those and let you add them to the POs.

Prevent Ordering Mistakes

Parts On Order will list the items already ordered and clarify any remaining questions about the orders.

Efficient Part Organization

Receive Bulk allows users to group and receive Materials from different POs at the same time.

Clean and Concise Records

Part Records are organized with thorough detail and a clear layout.

Grouping parts for easier sorting

By sorting parts into Part Groups, the already efficient search and filter system can go even faster.

Get Technicians The Parts They Need

Part Location is another way to organize your parts, and allows you to easily move parts to where they are needed most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import my Parts from another system?

We’re happy to help importing your existing Parts list into Work Order Pro.
Depending on your needs, we can do this once, or set it up to happen repeatedly, with a software integration!


Do you have multiple fields, so Manufacturer Part No. can also be stored?

Yes, you can search by any Part No stored for a part!