Get Ahead With Preventive Work Orders

Clarity during scheduling. Flexible & easy fill-in-the-blank scheduling, preview of first five dates to generate. Avoid meaningless WOs: Pause PM Schedules during facility downtime. Make sure work is done correctly: Define work steps, specifications in “PM Task Lists”. Easily re-print the previous PM Work Order generation if destroyed.

WO by Day, Week, Month

Preventive Maintenance Work Orders can be scheduled for set intervals of days, weeks, or months (like every three days).

WO on Day of Week, or Week of Month

…specific days of weeks, and specific weeks of months (like every third Tuesday of the month)…

WO on Date of Month

…or specific calendar dates (like every month on the 17th)…and more!

WO by Meter, or any Custom Interval

PM Work Order creation based on Meter Readings of all kinds are also supported

PM Schedule management

1. Pause a PM Schedule during holidays, or other facility downtime.

2. Avoid meaningless WOs. Stop new Work Orders from being Generated until earlier ones have been Completed.

3. Work Period Days define how long before a Work Order is considered late, and becomes a red line item.

​4. Before Saving a new PM Schedule, a preview of when Work Orders will be Generated is displayed to confirm your choices

Task List management

Record procedure details, including expected steps and time, then interact with them on generated Work Orders.

Generate Scheduled Work

1. PM WO Generation allows you to Generate Scheduled Work Orders, as well as quickly glance at future work scheduled.

​2. Lose a stack of WOs to someone’s coffee?
Export Previous Work Order Gens to reprint with ease.

3. Preview Materials needed for the Work Orders you’re currently previewing for Generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PM Schedule? PM Task List? PM WO?

PM Schedule = Preventive Maintenance Schedule
PM WO = A Work Order, made from a PM Schedule
PM Task List = A checklist of work attached to a PM Schedule (can include specifications, notes).
These are carried to each PM WO upon creation.

Can I make PM Schedules for multiple Assets?

Making your PM Scheduled WOs against a Location helps track costs + Materials used for multiple Assets at once.
Location, Department, and Cost Center designations help get the required Reports to Accounting.

Contact Us if you’d like something different.